Friday, November 14, 2008

Holidays, Hunting, and ATV Riding

Well, turkey day is coming. Don't eat too much till then - need the room for all the goodies. Trail riding in Wolf Pen Gap is still open. It IS NOT CLOSED. The only restriction is for Modern Gun to maintane 150 yards from trails and roads and no hunting from trails.
ATV Riders are enjoying the season changes on the trails and having fun too. Some of us enjoy riding the many other trails around WPG so we are always open for riders to come with us. Just e-mail me and we will schedule a great ride for all to enjoy. See ya on the trails!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now this is a working crew! There was a lot of rock in that ground but we put up 6 signs this day. Jeff Cunningham brought his tractor with the auger on it. Robert Poffenburger operated the tractor and Robert B. - Craig G. - Travis F. - we all got those signs in.
Now if some other people would like to help doing this small project to continue installing more signs than please e-mail to let us know. We are waiting for some more metal sign post and more 4x4 post.
This is the easy task, wait till the trail info signs get here, one about every 1/10 mile - that one will be fun to do for sure.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


These signs are ready to be installed - let OAC Sec. know you are available to do so.

Trail Ride

Trail Rides are important. It keeps the ATV excercised!! And you off the couch----really.
A good ride in FOURCHE Trails sounds reall good about now. Well, it does!!!
E-mail me and we shall get it in the works.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

...Pam....Craig.....Larry....Robert....Jim....Janet (photographer)

News Letter Info

The News Letter posted on the OAC web site is there for information for all. Any one may submit a short story to be added to the News letter that may help or inform everyone of things in the ATV world. Unless you want to tell all about something that may have happened to you that others would like to laugh at.

Trail Rides

Posting your trail rides will give information to others of trails they may not have been on as of yet. Keep in mind that if you give GPS coordinates than it is to anyone who reads it. So with that said - know that GPS also gives someone a chance to have it closed. The best way is if you know this person, they are trusted in a club, or the trail has already been saved for now. So careful on how a trail is described, location or such until we have had it added to reports to remain open.
Picture is of closed Shinbone